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Andy Warhol – the icon of pop-art

I have to mention the most famous artist with Rusyn ancestry, the international icon of pop-art – Andy Warhol. He was born to Rusyn parents from Mikova (a village in district Medzilaborce, eastern Slovakia) after they migrated to Pennsylvania. Warhol’s cousin (his father and Warhol’s mother were siblings) was interviewed for a short article in which he said with laughter: “I’ve never met my famous cousin. I’ve never even been to the USA. When we heard that Andy works as a painter, we thought he was painting houses.”

I noticed that there is this huge ongoing debate about how much Rusyn Warhol was, how much his work showed or did not show his religion, upbringing and commonality with other Rusyns and so on. Be all that as it may, the truth is that his parents were Rusyn, and there is no way he was raised without being touched by his parents’ heritage.

This piece is one of his rarest works – there are only about 4 pieces out there.

Details of Renaissance Paintings (Paolo Uccello, St. George the Dragon) by Andy Warhol
Source: http://www.rusynacademy.sk/slovak/sl_andy.html#LIFE_AND_ART_WORK