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Adalbert Boretskyi – a landscape painter from Ubľa

Adalbert Boretskyi (also, Vojtech Borecký in Slovakian) has a pretty good online presence so it was not hard to find samples of his work. The harder part was to pick one to share with you. Every one I looked at spoke to me for a different reason, pointed to a different aspect of Rusyn life and culture that I wanted to show you. The variety in subject matter and style proves that he was a skilled artist whether it came to abstraction, figurative art or landscape painting.

Untitled by Vojtech Borecky
Source: http://www.muzeumhumenne.sk/

So I chose this view of the mountains through a still-life of rustic paraphernalia skillfully piled up in a diagonal line, leading your eye from the bottom left corner up the colorfully patterned women’s wrap, touching the tops of the clay mugs and jars and up to the man’s hats, that is, from the everyday objects to the vast, timeless expansiveness of the Carpathian mountains that will be there long after the mundane is gone.

Ljubomir Babinčak – as the time flows

Getting in touch with Ljubomir Babinčak from Vojvodina, Serbia, really put me in a mood to think about the passing of time. He was born in what is easily one of the oldest Rusyn towns (Ruski Krstur), he was painting longer than I was alive and when you study his oil still-lifes and portraits, you get this unshakable feeling that the past is lost and gone, but still lingers in our present and – that it defines us. The candles almost burnt, the oil lamps proud and fancy, the irons no longer used, the pottery chipped and broken, and the ticking of that potent clock… All wonderful human achievements, all reminding us about our transience.

Source: Courtesy of Ljubomir Babincak