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Larisa and Ivan Brovdi – an artistic couple

It takes me a really long time to read in Russian, therefore, let the works of Larisa and Ivan Brovdi speak for themselves. I was captured by simplifying the forms and lines down to regular geometric patterns to recreate the evocative Carpathian land, its fields and forests, with two beautifully clad women walking in the foreground. The distorted, lengthened figures and the clown in the painting below brings in the perspective of a child, who, looking up, sees everything towering over them, shiny and bright.

Source: http://biblioteka.uz.ua/painters/show_avtor.php?id=175

Ernest Kontratovych – an artist from Kalna Roztoka

My search for contemporary Rusyn artists is not an easy one, I’ll tell you. But I’ve found a bunch of them active throughout the 20th century. The images of their work are so endearing to me, I see so many familiar objects and themes… It’s turning out to be a very emotional process.

This first work called By the Cradle is by Ernest Kontratovych, who was born in a tiny village Kalná Roztoka, Slovakia, that is only 17 minutes away from my hometown and it is also where my dad, now a bus-driver, makes a stop to collect people on his way to Nova Sedlica and back to Snina.

By  the Cradle by Ernest Kontratovych. Source: http://www.day.kiev.ua/en/article/time-out/ernest-kontratovych-showing-great-small