Rusynkŷ – Русинкы – Rusínske Trio

Rusynkŷ – Русинкы – Rusínske Trio

Pure folk art. Pure women’s art. Pure Rusyn art.

I know I’ve been mostly writing about painters and sculptors. But it hit me today that I hadn’t devoted much time to our wonderful folk art: the embroidery, the dresses, the headpieces and the songs.

Dominka Novotna and her ensemble Rusinske Trio have been incredibly successful promoting our heritage and presenting all of the above in a lovely package. When I listen to their songs and look at their photographs, I can feel that they are deeply connected to their roots and that they are sharing their pride and joy with the rest of the world.

They have recently released a CD with a selection of Rusyn songs. They sing in three part harmony, which is how it is traditionally done in Rusyn songs, and I can’t wait to hear it all. I am looking forward to my copy of their CD in the mail – it should be coming soon! By the way, I’ll be happy to help you with ordering your copy if you need assistance with communicating in Slovakian or Rusyn. Just send me an email at

Dominika’s latest project is a collaboration with Kandračovci – the most favorite Rusyn Christmas carol Koly Jasna Zvizda. You can listen to it here:

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