Stepping outside Rusyn Art – Žana Erdelji

Did you get intrigued by her last name, too? Thinking about Adalbert Erdelyi, weren’t you? Well, Žana’s husband is a Rusyn, hence her last name; she is not. Yet I decided not to be exclusive and to write about her for two reasons: 1. she was excited about the idea, 2. the photo of her artwork I shared on Facebook appealed to many fans. So let’s step out of the Carpathian mountains for a bit and visit Croatia through the eyes of this Krivoy Rog native.

Žana Erdelji was born in 1968 (Ukraine) and studied art from 1986 to 1996, graduating at the Ukrainian Academy of Arts under Viktor Shatalin. She relocated to Vinkovci, Croatia in 1997. Her paintings have been seen all across Europe, USA and Canada in private collections, and in independent and collective exhibitions (Croatia, Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Hungary and others). Erdelji is an artist accomplished in oils, tempera, pastels and watercolors. I especially enjoyed  her intimate seascapes, vibrant abstractions and delicate still-lifes.