Justyna Maksymczak – a young talent from southwestern Poland

One evening I checked out the Rusyn Art Facebook page and I noticed a post by Vanio Fesz with three words – our Lemko girl. The link took me to very modern, abstract paintings and sculptures by Justyna Maksymczak from Przemkow, Poland. She majored in the most wonderful art fields: conservation and restoration of masterpieces, renovation of artistic craft and architectural detail, and now topping it with MA in art history, spending her last semester in Germany. She has exhibited with The Warhol Effect: Lemko Jerusalem and it is through her that I got to know other Carpatho-Rusyn artists involved in it. 

Some of the oil paintings that I had the advantage to go through reminded me of abstract expressionism, yet not necessarily of its color blast. Justyna chooses her palette well. It can be somewhat subdued and gentle, with purposeful accents of primary colors applied to draw the eye in, to focus. Or, she can juxtapose more vivid tones in a fantastic medley the effect of which will be nothing short of an exhilarated movement. And either way she goes, she retains her signature that makes the works recognizably hers.