Jerzy Nowosielski – “painting is a sacred act”

When researching Jerzy Nowosielski, I suddenly wasn’t certain which type of works of this world-renowned Lemko painter and historian I should show you in this post. The highly abstract nudes or the biblical scenes?

His devout faith lead him to creating icons and religious paintings for churches in Poland, his strong ties to the Lemko region informed his creativity through and through. His secular art is intense and bold in color, subject matter and composition – and I came across some pretty heavy-worded and quite contradictory interpretations of his works. It always makes me wonder how much of such analyses the artist really intended. His religious pieces are without any pretension or conspicuous elaborateness. The figures tend to stand against plain backgrounds and all the focus is on them – on their interaction, or distance, their facial expressions, if any, and the effect of the dominant colors.

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