Ivan Manajlo – a timeless, borderless art

I already introduced you to the work of the Rusyn “Barbizon” icon Fedor Manaylo and his grandson András Manajló. Well, I skipped one generation in the process and saved Fedor’s son, Iván, for last. When you explore these links, you can easily compare and contrasts the styles of the grandfather, the father and the son, creating a wonderful gallery of impressions in your mind.

Iván Manajló was born in Uzhhorod and, luckily for us, followed his father’s footsteps. His first solo exhibition took place in 1961. He drew inspiration from nature, but also from the emotions associated with it, thus exploring the relationship between the objective and the subjective. If I had to categorize, I would say that his work is strikingly modern and not necessarily tied to his origins. We have artists whose subject matter is Carpatho-Rusyn in absolute cultural terms (Kostka, Brenzovich, Sholtes). Not Manajlo’s – his art is international, borderless and timeless, in a sense, and I have to bring to your attention the Modernist, Post-impressionist and Fauvist elements (line and color) which you can observe in the following samples of his work (all taken with the permission of  András Manajló):