Praying in the trees – Ivan Shutyev

Ivan Shutyev is an Honored Artist of Ukraine, who was awarded the Prize of Yosyp Bokshai and Adalbert Erdelyi in 2012 for the best traditional realist work. There are several books with his paintings, one titled Prayer in the Tree where he brilliantly presents the wooden churches scattered through Transcarpathia viewed from many angles and in different light and season conditions. With only few touches of the brush, the landscapes that hold it all together gain a sense of immediacy and reality. The colors are combined in a way that surprises you, the shadows become tangible, and the cold of winter and the green of  summer convey to the eye exactly what you would perceive looking at the scenery yourself without the artist’s interference.

The source of these images is an art enthusiast  Михаил РябецFollow this link to get to the whole album.