Ljubica Fa-Hardi – making you see what you might miss

Ljubica Fa-Hardi was born and raised in Ruski Kerestur, Serbia, but in 2000 she relocated to Canada where she leads an active, artist/architect life, now in Saskatchewan. Ljubica does portraits and illustrations, she is an art instructor and architectural designer, but what she pointed out to me were her photographs. The works you see below belong to Kerestur 2012 Series and show just how much invention Ljubica is capable of, and how much soul she puts into her work.

Exploiting focus and intensely blurring the areas of choice plays with the viewer’s eye in somewhat disturbing ways, literally pushing it to find solace in the object with clear, sharp outlines. And in that find, a rush of emotions bursts out from such objects, and soothes the heart looking for meaning, for anchor. In some photographs, the close-up is so skillfully employed that you do not quite know what you are looking at, but the play of colors and shapes is so wonderful that it turns the photograph into a variation of a Color Field painting. In others, you find short glimpses of the past and present through the tiniest things that go often unnoticed… but not by her.