Vlado Njaradi – finding movement in stillness

I found out about this very active Rusyn artist from Vrbas, Serbia, through another Rusyn painter from the Balkans – Ljubomir Babinčak so I want to thank him again for this valuable connection.

Landscape (2008) by Vlado Njaradi
Courtesy of Vlado Njaradi

Vlado Njaradi’s oil paintings took me by surprise because I had not expected the wonderful innovation before looking at one of his oil paintings. The 2008 Landscape, which you can see above, feels so familiar, so near, almost as if you could breathe in the aura of that soft, unpretentious land. The soil is right there, coming out of the flat surface, convincing you of its realness, inviting you to crumble it between your fingers. Rendering the landscape in these muted, pastel tones enables the heavily grainy texture to stand out, leaving you with two impressions – the rootedness of life as something solid, yet fragile.