Mikuláš Gajdoš – an accomplished painter from eastern Slovakia

Train Station I (2007) by Mikulas Gajdos
Source: http://www.dartesro.sk/obsah/dielo-info.php?ID=12211

I found this fantastic contemporary painting by Mikuláš Gajdoš in a Slovak auction house DARTE. Its price is 1,200 EUR. So fluid and expressive, focusing on the woman in the foreground with her head slightly bowed down, hiding her face, hand gently touching the hat. The rough sketching of the figures adds to the anonymity of the crowd to which the woman does not entirely seem to belong. We see the people hurrying away from us, shapeless almost, but she pauses and so is given prominence. Even though she is turned more than halfway towards us, we cannot quite decipher her, and she remains mysterious. The simplicity of the old rose pink is just overwhelming. This painting is simply stunning.