Jozef Michňa – through the light and life

Jozef Michna
Jozef Michna

This detailed animated carving was made by a contemporary Rusyn sculptor from Jakubany, Slovakia, Jozef Michňa. In his work, the spirit of the subject comes through and makes the carving alive. Notice the lowered head of the horse, the eyes showing a troubled emotion.

When you click on the image below, you will be directed to a photo gallery showcasing the core project of Michna’s work called “Project FLOWER” (or in Slovak Projekt KVET) where, as he says, he explores how the universe can be grasped and represented: the micro and macrocosm, their elements, powers and characteristics. He achieves that through exploiting the interplay between the carved wood (as an intimate natural material) and light (an inherent part of the cosmos) that he allows in when he works the wood into such an extent that it loses its visual hardness, fullness and massiveness, and changes into something almost weightless, yet retaining its inherent properties as an element of nature. The surreal “quantum flower” present in every woodcarving becomes a symbol of our connection to the outer universe, in which we are one of its active elements, not deterministic parts.

From Project FLOWER by Jozef Michna Source:
From Project FLOWER by Jozef Michna