Jozef Lauruský – a sensitive eye

Courtesy of Jozef Laurusky

Even before I read the articles a Rusyn photographer Jozef Laurusky sent me about his work, I saw it. I saw in his photographs how closely he is trying to capture the psychology of his subjects. His portraits are touchingly authentic and unpretentiously beautiful, his landscapes catch moments that will not be repeated.

Laurusky was born and raised in the village Ruske near Snina, eastern Slovakia, which was one of the villages evacuated and taken down when a dam – Starina – was built. He is strongly connected to his roots and he documents this well in a series of photographs showing Ruske. The views Laurusky offers strike the chord with people within the culture, but at the same time they are potent enough to introduce that culture to the outsiders. How? Through honesty.

Laurusky lives and works in Humenne, exhibits his works at home and abroad and participates in different competitions and projects that cross the borders, just like the message of his works.


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