András Manajló/Andriy Manaylo

I recently exchanged emails with the Vice-Chancellor of Transcarpathian Art Institute in Uzhorod, Mykhail Prymych, asking him to sort out a list of artists for me, and indicate the “Rusyn” ones. He helped me, but was very cautious about it, since the pure definition of Rusyn-ness can get tricky and exclusive, however complete one tries to make it. For our purposes, any artist with Rusyn ancestry will be noted here – whether their subject matter is Rusyn or less so, whether the artists live and work in their Rusyn homeland or spent their whole lives elsewhere – but most importantly, relying on their own definition of who they are.

András Manajló is a case in point. He is a grandson of Fedor Manaylo, one of the founders of the Transcarpathian School of Painting, and a son of Iván Manajlo. He is an internationally recognized artist in his own right, exhibiting in Royal Opera Arcade Gallery, London, Abu Dabi Art Hub or The Art Mathieu Gallery in Switzerland. Manajló creates beautifully atmospheric works, with ever-changing colors, forms and shapes that make a strong emotional and an aesthetic impact on the viewer.

The knife work in his landscapes is creative and precise, the light in his urban and Mediterranean pieces warm and glowing, the color palette is rich and intense, and the counterpoised hues feed off of each other in ways that never tire, creating stunning effects. I greatly encourage you to explore András’ webpage where you can see large-resolution images with a great detail.