Vladimir Doroghazi – oil paintings

Vladimir Doroghazi lives and works in the second largest city in Serbia – Novi Sad. He is a trained artist who make a deep impression on the viewers with his softly rendered, hazed, brushed-in landscapes that look so barely-there that a simple puff of air might make them disappear back into the fantasy.

The trees, rivers, fields, houses and windmills all acquire in his work almost a fairytale-like beauty, and the meaning of many is slightly disturbed (or underlined?) by the repeated motive of a clay jar, unreal, but perfectly fitting in the painting’s composition.

Gavra Koljesar has compiled a wonderful online collection of Mr. Doroghazi’s paintings. You can access these collections here: Gallery 1 (still-lifes and views of the countryside), Gallery 2 (views of the villagers in their daily life) and Gallery 3 (clay jars).

Polish Road 2 
Source: Courtesy of Vladimir Doroghazi
The Dawn (oil on canvas)
Source: Courtesy of Vladimir Doroghazi