Continuing in the Lemko spirit, I want to point out the work of a well-known naive and folk artist – Nikifor from Krynica. There is plenty of information in English about him, so I won’t be telling you what you can read anywhere else. You can even watch a movie called My Nikifor.

Rich Custer and me were exchanging some insights on how the three naive artists Telep, Nikifor and Potoma differ in their style, their color palette and the impression their works give. He aptly pointed out that the differences are largely due to a broader socio-politico-economical flavor of the times they live(d) and work(ed) in:

“Nykyfor lived through WWI, WWII, and Akcja Wisla – very traumatic times, whereas Potoma, coming of age during the Prague Spring and maturing through the Velvet Revolution, seems to express romantic notions of the Rusyn village life from “the good old days,” which he probably remembers from his childhood [and] adolescence.”

A View of Krynica by Nikifor