Byzantine-style icons hiding in the architectural treasures

My short post on this church on Facebook reached over 500 people and received over 20 likes within some 48 hours. I feel that the reason for this is very simple. One of the two singular aspects of being Carpatho-Rusyn is religion, the other is the Rusyn language. Both came under so much trial throughout the long Rusyn history that it is remarkable they were able to survive, repeatedly revived during different cultural “renaissances” in countries where Rusyns have lived.

A church like this one, dedicated to Archangel Michael in Uličské Krivé from 1718, is not the only one. Historically, there have been around 300 churches in Slovakia of this architectural style – only wood and no nails, with Byzantine and Roman stylistic elements, dating from 16th to 18th century. Today 50 of these churches remain, the richest group being the group of churches of the Eastern Christian rite in eastern Slovakia. All these churches contain impressive Byzantine iconography and most of them are still in use for daily masses and holidays. To enter a church like that is to enter a place where yesterday meets today.