Biljana Roman – an art teacher with a surprise

I was very happy to open my inbox the other day and find a treasure in the spam folder – it does not happen very often, now, does it?  Biljana Roman from Ruski Kerestur, Serbia, sent me samples of her very original artwork – designs from textile, or better yet – fiber designs. You can click here to read the full descriptions of the creative process of my two personal favorites and to see more.

You will find out that her creations seem weightless and fluffy, as if floating in space unsupported. I just want to point out that when I first laid my eyes on them, I felt that the sheer physicality was taken apart and down to the finest and tiniest fibers and then recreated in something surprising. Yes, it is a miniature pillow, but I can’t deny I see life pumping through the veins and arteries. Was it intentional? Very intriguing!

Coutesy of Biljana Roman

The piece below, titled Unfolding, raises more questions than it answers. Myriads of tiny threads float around two almost identical shapes that remind me of lungs, to be sure, and that, for some reason, make me take a breath every time I look at them.

Courtesy of Biljana Roman

Biljana has exhibited solo and collectively over fourty times in Novi Sad, Subotica, Belgrade, Krinjica (Poland), Presov (Slovakia). She does illustration, painting, drawing, set design, and has worked full-time as an art teacher in the Elementary and High School Petro Kuzmjak since 2006.

Source: Courtesy of Biljana Roman