Volodymyr Mykyta – the soul of Transcarpathia

So I’m finding out that lots of resources on Rusyn visual artists are in Ukrainian or Russian language. I’ve asked a  friend of mine, Lucia from Slovakia, who is fluent in both to throw some websites my way so I could access the photos and other information about the artists I’m interested in.

This piece is a wonderful modern take on solitude by Volodymyr Mykyta, a still active and very famous painter born in Rakoshyno (now Ukraine), one of the last living members of the Transcarpathian School of Painting.

Here is a fantastic little article about him published at his 80th birthday when a permanent exhibition of the School was opened by The National Museum of Fine Arts of Ukraine in 2011.

His latest exhibition was in 2016 at his 85th birthday in Uzhorod, showcasing eight dozen of his artworks that he felt were the most important on his creative journey.