Andrej Gaj – the author of monumental artworks

A Tribute to Women (2000) by Andrej Gaj

Andrej Gaj was born in Sukov, southern Slovakia. He specialized in landscape and figure painting, still life and portrait, and he was also very skilled in monumental artwork – stucco lustro, stone mosaics and ceramics. In this work, devoted to women, you can notice the confluence of abstract shapes and the three figures of rather regular outlines, occupying the center of the picture plane in poses that are neither quite relaxed nor quite vigorous, creating a wonderful tension in the vision, freezing that short moment which exists between stillness and action.

His daughter, Anna Gajova is an artist in her own right, actively exhibiting in Slovakia and abroad. After her father passed away in 2016 at 84 years old, she has been working on having his monograph published in fall of 2017.